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We need you to elect bold Democrats in Jackson County
A little bit of background on our organization

The best way to learn more about our organization is to come to one of our meetings. We're a friendly bunch and would love to have you join our party. We meet the third Monday of every month, 6:30 p.m. at party headquarters, 757 Franklin St. in Jackson. See you there.


While the Republican Party may have been born in Jackson, the Democrats have spent decades fighting for progressive policies and leaders.


We have more than 100 local members that are experienced in campaigning to elect everything from City Council to Congress.


There are many local offices in which you can make a difference by running for office - from Precinct Delegate to County Treasurer.


Democrats hold over 50 local offices in Jackson County, and we're working to elect more with your help and support.

Want to lead? Let us know if you're interested in running for office.
Our Leadership
The officers leading our organization for the 2019-20 election cycle

Conner Wood


Karyl Baker

Vice Chair

James Johnson Jr.


Kelsey Heck